Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday, with love

It's February, and as we all know, February is love month (isn't it a whole month?). Here are some things I particularly love this morning:

1) Running 5 miles at the warmest part of the day (7 a.m.)

2) A (healthy) breakfast for $1

Who else is loving the free fruit and maple oatmeal coupons McDonalds is giving away right now? I've been collecting 'em, and this morning I ordered my medium coffee and oatmeal without brown sugar -- all for just one dollar. 

3) NPR

In a world where faster and more is valued, isn't it nice to have a news outlet that gives you thoughtful and reflective? (at least, that's what they told me this morning) 

4) The Civil Wars

If you haven't heard The Civil Wars' new album Barton Hollow, you really should. 

I mean it -- you really really should.

$7.99, iTunes, get it:

What are you loving this morning? 


  1. I'm wishing I had the same breakfast that you did!! I haven't even tried that oatmeal yet, but it looks delish!! Where are you getting these coupons?

  2. i love that running picture... that is exactly how we were today, running along the ritter park creek! haha! it's summer!