Thursday, December 30, 2010

A smidge of pink, a pinch of red

Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is quickly approaching (is it? or is it just that Christmas is over, and I need a new holiday to decorate for?), but I am really loving a pink-red color palette.

This year, I wrapped all of my Christmas gifts in pink and red (and tan). (and yes, I did re-use tissue paper from the stores where I bought my gifts in order to create nametags).

One of my favorite presents that I unwrapped this season were these pajamas. I'll let the store's model continue to model them for you (from

Over the Christmas season, I have been blessed with so many opportunities to catch up with dear, old friends (and current friends too!). While I usually end up planning coffee dates (I'm never not in the mood for a warm beverage pick-me-up), a couple of times I planned to meet friends at a pottery painting shop we have downtown.

Don't you wish pink and red snowflakes fell from the sky?

I'm getting married this summer (yay!), and while I'm having my bridesmaids wear their choice of a little black dress, pink and red bridesmaid dresses were definitely close runners-up.

Maybe it would have looked romantic and whimsical like this (from

What are your favorite things in pink and red?

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