Monday, March 7, 2011

la vie boheme: fantasy wedding

Can someone please invite me to a wedding that is this fantastical, this whimsical, this fun?

Everything (I mean, everything, at this wedding was handmade).

And everything looks like so much fun.

Check out those bridesmaids' dresses! Check out that handmade wedding gown!
Couches in the middle of the woods? Don't mind if I do.
Who needs wine and beer when you have lemonade moonshine infused with vodka?

Nothing says forever like a man breathing fire.

And, under the umbrella, they lived happily ever after

See more of this amazing wedding at 100 Layer Cake


  1. All that furniture in the woods. No rain? No bugs, bees, or snakes? Fantasy is the key word here. Just sayin.:-)

  2. That was an overwhelming amount of amazing. I can't even process it all!! I love the picture with the laundry hanging from clotheslines in the background haha :) Where did they get such gorgeous umbrellas??? Fantastic!! And I also really love the shutter with "feelin lucky" painted on it! So much cuteness!!

  3. Holy jeebers...where do I find these people to make them my friends? And who has that much Time?