Wednesday, March 2, 2011

taking the plunge

I'm about to take the plunge.

The twenty-first century plunge.

The technology plunge.

The, i-probably-won't-be-destroyed-by-fire, i-will-probably-be-destroyed-by-something-you-cannot-fully-comprehend plunge.

In the last two days, I have gotten to briefly see, touch, hold, smell (just kidding, you can't really smell them) two of my friends' kindles.

And I'm going to re-iterate what every other book lover who was on the verge of buying a Kindle has already said a million times: at first, I didn't like the idea of an e-reader.

Because, heck, I like to smell my books. And you sure can't smell an e-reader (or if you could, why would you want to?)

I am horribly behind on the times. Smart phone -- what's that? Cable television -- haven't had that for the past year. Netflix -- I haven't seen a good movie since they shut down the local Blockbuster.

Basically, I'm stuck in the 90s, and I'm not too keen on crawling out of it ...

... that was, until yesterday.

As a grad student, although my professors assign textbooks for us to purchase, the bulk of my reading comes in the form of PDF articles -- 15-20 page articles. Articles that glare at you if read on a computer screen. Articles that need to be printed.

I'm probably reading close to 10 articles a week.

That's close to 200 pages of printing.

Those of you that consider yourselves green can start chuckling nervously right about now.

Apparently, though, amazon's Kindle allows you to upload PDF articles. Those articles, then, can be viewed on their easy-to-read screen. Those articles, then, can be underlined and otherwise defamed by my personal thoughts and opinions. Those articles, then, can be transported to class.

All of a sudden, the 21st century is lookin' real pretty.

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