Sunday, January 16, 2011

DIY yarn and felt rosette monograms

A while ago, I began a little project that involved styrofoam board, yarn, felt, and a glue gun.

My plan was to make monograms ("A" for Anna, "J" for James) to hang somewhere (behind the cake, on the doors of the church, somewhere) during our wedding.

The "A" turned out (though I can't decide if I think it turned out well).

Basically, I took a large piece of styrofoam board and carved out the letter "A." I then wrapped the "A" with white yarn (not as easy a task as you may think, and actually what is giving me the most difficulties with the letter "J"). 

After wrapping the letter, I then proceeded to hot glue felt flowers to the "A" (I made the felt flowers by cutting up strips of felt, rolling the strips forward until I was about halfway through with the strip, and then turning the felt backward ...)

(to be completely honest, I'm not really sure how I made the felt flowers ... there were lots of turns and twists of the hand, and whenever I would do something that looked "flowery" I would say to myself, "quick! hot glue it now before it self-destructs!")

Despite the success of the "A," I'm running into problems with my letter "J" (a necessary letter if I don't want to be, you know, a complete narcissist).

As this picture demonstrates, I have been unable to saddle the "butt" portion of my letter "J" with yarn.

I wrapped and re-wrapped and wrapped some more. I was able to watch multiple episodes of Gilmore Girls while trying to conquer this beast of a monogram.

Who knew wrapping an object with yarn could be so difficult?

Crafters -- any suggestions?


  1. I love how you write- the part where you said "the butt" of the J cracked me up :) And I love that you watched multiple episodes of Gilmore Girls while doing this. I see how the J is getting tricky!! Mags may have some better suggestions on how to tackle this than I do. We could try a cursive "J" that may make it easier- but then it wouldn't match with your cute A (which turned out lovely, I might add!!) Your felt rosettes are way cuter than any of mine turn out!!! Love how all your wedding stuff is coming together! :)

  2. Hmm I think you could still wrap the "butt" of the J, you'll just have to do small sections at a time. I think you need more of your cute rosettes on the A too! :) It's all coming together!!!