Sunday, January 2, 2011

Speaking of cupcakes ...

I am, unabashedly, an NPR-fiend. This evening, I was streaming Weekend Edition: Sunday, and Bonny Wolf had a story predicting that the popularity of the cupcake will, in fact, be usurped by none other than the pie (read/listen to the story here ).

I, for one, do not think the pie stands any sort of a chance until it can be topped with different colored icing, sprinkles, and other like candies.

Really, how could this (no matter how tasty)

ever beat this ?

Plus, a pie is big and constrained to one single design. Cupcakes are dainty, small, and one batch can be decorated in a plethora of ways. Clearly, I'm not giving up on the cupcake. What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. My thoughts are that Bonny is crazy!!! You should have called in and debated with her haha :) You have excellent reasons why pies will not win. It may be childish, but the pretty colors and sprinkles make me so happy!!! Plus, sometimes pies are SLIGHTLY healthy- and I'm not going for health when I'm eating dessert. More sugar for me, please :)