Wednesday, January 5, 2011

L'amour -- the final product

After I posted about creating a mantel hanging for Valentine's Day, I visited my mom and she had stamped and punched red cardstock. The pieces of the wall-hanging were ready to be assembled and tied together with ribbon.

My mom is kind of like the Dalai Lama of crafting (atleast, in my mind). In fact, in the past few months, my childhood bedroom has been turned into a creation haven.

I used to sleep in here.

To piece together the mantel hanging, I started out with these stamped letters.

The rest of the hanging pieces were assembled out of edged cardstock, punched cardstock (courtesy of Martha Stewart -- buy the punches at Michaels), doilies, and construction paper.

This is the result of those pieces assembled together.

After tying each of those assembled pieces together with string and ribbon, this is the final product.

Ooh la la!

Now I just need to take down that pesky Christmas tree.


  1. Too cute!!! Anna, I LOVE this Valentine's Day decoration!! And the fact that crafting is taking over your apartment haha :)

  2. This is adorable Anna!!!! Love it!!!