Friday, January 7, 2011

A send off that won't burn the house down

Even though I absolutely love the venue where we are having our wedding reception (and the super-sweet, super-efficient ladies that are in charge of everything), one of the downsides is just how darn strict they are about, well, everything.

The strictness was not at all tempered whenever it came to deciding how do the bride-and-groom send off. My first choice, sparklers, was a clear no-no (flames and newly constructed buildings just don't seem to mix). However, even choices that I was not so keen on (bubbles, birdseed, confetti) were also not allowed.

Enter ribbon wands.

On Ruffled's blog, I saw this beautiful (and so unique!) send off.

So, I decided to make some of my own.

I bought three different shades of green ribbon (and I might even add more shades to the mix ... why not?) and spraypainted some dowels.


Here's what I have so far:

What do you think? Should I add more shades of green?


  1. I LOVE THEM!!!! :) I'm so excited to see what you're working on!! I think it could be fun with some other shades- but I also like it just like this. Maybe even some patterned ribbon? Stripes or polka dots or grosgrain? But I can't totally tell from the pictures- maybe you already have some stripes? I need to see these in person asap! :) And I'm happy to help make them if you want more hands to put to work!!

  2. I think they look awesome too!!! And I agree with Joy's comments above. See what they look like with different additions? I'm also available to help! Sometimes I'm a really good crafter at 7am after a run...