Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a splash of color to an IKEA chest of drawers

Fact: I'm a grad student.

Translation of previous fact: I'm not rolling in the big bucks.

Visualization of previous fact: Furniture in my apartment often serves utilitarian, rather than aesthetic functions.

Whenever I moved into my last apartment, I realized that my teeny, tiny closet could not hold all of my towels, clothes, underwear, and shoes. I needed to buy a set of drawers.

At a yard sale (all of the proceeds from this sale, by the way, went to support an amazing family in their effort to adopt a child from Africa. See how you can support them in this venture at Minus One Orphan), I was able to buy this IKEA chest of drawers for a mere thirty bucks.

With a little bit of modge podge, scrapbook paper, and six paper flowers (see tutorial for paper flowers), I was able to spice my straight-out-of-a-dorm room chest of drawers up just a smidge. And a pinch.

The flowers were handmade by none other than my mom.

(most anything crafty that I devise was first made by her)


  1. I hope your mom can do a celebrity guest appearance at craft night sometime!!! Love the dresser update!