Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glittered and stamped DIY SDs

Over Thanksgiving break, my mom and I spent a day creating, printing, and addressing the save-the-dates.

Here is the fruit of our labors

We started out with a post-card sized sheet of white cardstock. On the cardstock, we stamped the following items:

1) a calendar
2) "May"
3) the date of the wedding
4) a bird (resting his nose on the date of the wedding)
5) branches
6) leaves
7) flowers

Quite a few stamped items (luckily, my mother has a stockpile of stamps that rivals Hobby Lobby's very own collection).

We then scanned the stamped template into the computer and entered in the words "Save the Date" on the front, and all of the wedding information on the back.

After that, we printed the file on white cardstock.

We gave the postcards a little personal touch by adding a few dabs of silver glitter-glue (Crayola, I do believe), and by edging the sides with black ink.


What do you think?


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! I can hardly believe this was a DIY project. They are perfect!

  2. Oh my gooooosssshhh!! These are even cuter than you described!! This was a lot of work, Anna- I'm so impressed!!! These seriously turned out awesome. I think the adorable little pink flowers might be my favorite detail :) What a great idea- and no one will ever have one like yours- it's one-of-a-kind!!