Sunday, January 9, 2011

Give me a slice of that, and that ... and that.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with a cake artist, and we are going to talk about (why else would I meet with a cake artist?) wedding cakes!

Buttercream, fondant, ganache, tiers, celadon, edible ink, I don't even know what to do with myself.

Here's what I do know: I'm doing some cake research. Because how in the world else will I ever know what I'm talking about.

But really, before I can master the vernacular, I have to just go ahead and show you all of the visions of wedding cakes I have dancing in my head.

Cheryl Kleinman Cakes

Lovin Sullivan Cakes (I just love birds)

Michelle Doll Cakes (I also love vines)

Sinfully Sweet Pastry Boutique

Sophie's Choice Bakery

Confections on the Coast

Gemelli Dolci

Incredible Endings

Ahh! So many good-lookin' cakes.

Guidance, please!

(all images from The Knot)


  1. I love that second from the last one! beaut!

  2. The Incredible Endings is gorgeous! Have fun!

  3. They're all so cute!! Can't wait to hear how the meeting went!!! I especially love 1,2,6, and 8!!! That last one is super cool :)